Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Toxic Justice: Toxic chemicals in many couches sold in U.S.: Repo...

Toxic Justice: Toxic chemicals in many couches sold in U.S.: Repo...:
Forty-one percent of the couches contained chlorinated Tris (TDCPP), a cancer-causing flame retardant removed from baby pajamas in the 1970s, and 17 percent contained the worldwide-banned chemical pentaBDE, the Duke University and University of California, Berkeley, researchers said.  Read more:
Children's EPA Director Nancy Swan was asked to participate in a conference on flame retardant and prevalence in US. 
Swan adds,  "The study concluded that higher levels of flame retardant in blood of lower income children was a result of exposure to crumbling and older furniture.  I felt that more factors needed consideration in light of the fact that flame retardant can rub off older furniture much like soil retardants.  I asked the study group if they had also queried about other source of polyurethane treated with flame retardant. They had not. 

The study concluded that exposure to flame retardant in older furniture was responsible for higher levels of this chemical and did not include the fact that property owners, day cares, and school have insulated roofs and walls with cheap spray on foam and foam sheets. This insulation requires retreatment of flame retardant containing highly toxic toluene diisocyanate, xylene and other deadly cancer causing chemicals. The flame retardant must be applied every few years or the building becomes highly flammable. 

 I have received hundreds of reports of sickness after flame retardant was sprayed onto day cares, homes, and school during occupancy.

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