Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Substance in chewing gum killing thousands of bird of the UK coast.

What is in your child's chewing gum?
PIB, a substance in chewing gum, is killing thousands of bird of the UK coast.  Can PIB harm children? 
Chemical and product safety standards are only set for health, mature, adult males.  Children, fetuses, infants, and other vulnerable populations are not included in safety standards.  More over, most product and chemical safety standards, such as OSHA are intented for workers, not consumers.  Like medication dosage, what is deemed "safe" levels of exposure by industry or government standards may kill or seriously harm a child.
The title of this article linked below is misleading: Pollution that killed seabirds cannot be traced, rules investigation
The substance was eventually identified as PIB – polyisobutene – which is used in products ranging from adhesives to sealants and even chewing gum.
The source of the pollution that killed hundreds of seabirds off the UK coast may never be known after the maritime and coastguard agency said it had wound up its investigation.
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