Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Air Pollution Associated with Asthma Development Among Young Children

Nancy Swan The article below from Columbia Center for Children's Environmental Health addresses one of the many known environmental and chemical causes of childhood asthma.  Unique to this article is prenatal causes of childhood asthma.

Many of you know court records reflect that I developed severe, life-threatening asthma, one of many diseases, as a result of exposure to toxic substances while teaching middle school. I'm a little too old to be a "poster child" for environmental and chemical causes of asthma. My story, Toxic Justice, is proof why parents should not trust school boards and officials with their child's health and safety. Unfortunately I had made that mistake.  Three months earlier The Long Beach School Board (MS) gave their consent to allow application of the spray on foam roof during the school day.  The contractor was school board members' colleague and business partner, Jim English.

My teaching career ended after I was seriously and permanently injured by high concentrations of deadly spray-on-foam roofing chemicals applied during the school day.  The most damaging of the chemicals, isocyanate, killed and injured more than one-half million innocent bystanders in  Bhopal, India, in what remains as the worst industrial tragedy in world history.  Long Beach Schools were not air-conditioned.  Just seven blocks from the Gulf of Mexico, my classroom broiled under the subtropical sun to 90 degree heat.  The only ventilation was 12 large opened windows. The application of these deadly chemicals continued unabated for three days, despite two and one half days of complaints and  injuries reported to then Long Beach School District (Mississippi) Superintendant Dr. Bob Ferguson and Principal Marlon Ladner.

More than two dozen seriously injured school children were ridiculed by school staff and denied medical and emergency treatment.  Due to harassment and out of fear of retaliation, some  parents and teachers left Long School District.  The remaining teachers were threatened with non renewal of their contracts if they assisted the injured or refused to testify against the injured. One teacher was paid to lie under oath against the injured teachers and children, committed perjury (lied), then later admitted she was not at the school during the days of application. Read Toxic Justice sample Chapter One
Toxic Justice Chapter 1 - Nancy Swan

Submitted by Nancy Swan,  Director of Children's EPA -Children's Environmental Protection Alliance

Columbia Center for Children's Environmental Health

Air Pollution Associated with Asthma Development Among Young Children 

  --Exposure to pyrene increases odds of non-atopic asthma development--

NEW YORK (August 20, 2012) - High exposure to air pollution in the womb and continuing exposure during early childhood increase risk for development of non-atopic asthma, according to a study by researchers at Columbia Center for Children's Environmental Health (the Center) at the Mailman School of Public Health, Department of Environmental Health Sciences and Columbia University's College oPhysicians and Surgeons. Read more at
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