Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Disabled children 'falling through child protection net', Ofsted warns - Telegraph

Disabled children 'falling through child protection net', Ofsted warns - Telegraph

Too many children around the world are disabled by injuries from toxic or hazardous environments and chemicals.  Governments cannot continue to ignore the social and environmental responsibility of industry and corporate giants.  For too long, governments ignore the cries of help, then use your tax dollars and the courts to hide injuries and agencies to hide bad safety records behind "no manpower,"  "no authorization to investigate," and "no safety standards for children," 

Even worse, public servants influenced by industry funding to under fund prevention programs, under staff, and remove funding to enforce regulations.  Governments and policy makers are reducing funding to regulate, oversee, and enforce existing regulations for environmental and chemical polluters in the U.S.A. and all over the world.  World- wide social programs to help the injured children and adults, use our tax dollars, making us responsible for treating the injured through disability and special programs.  Why should we pay tax dollars for disabled workers and children injuries caused by irresponsible industries? 

Governments ignore the injured, while taking money from polluters. Business and industry conglomerates harass the injured and their physicians by using judges they paid to put on the bench.  Physicians working in industry funded clinics are afraid to diagnose chemical or environmental causes of injury to children.  MD are fearful because insurance companies for polluters are often tied to physician insurance companies.

On the cusp of the 21st century Chemical Age, the balance of power has tipped back to pre-Industrial Age standards, the same standards that disenfranchised voters, causing rebellion and revolutions.  So what can you do? The fact that there are so few banner solutions, an indication of how well the people in power have used that power to silence us.

The internet has given us hope, by allowing us to share news and opportunities to act.  You may not be able to stop the flow of money, perks, and outright bribery and racketeering of public servants and corporate interests, but together we can be the  "elephant  in the room," a cohesive large group with one mission, to hold government officials and businesses accountability and publicly shame them for failure to enforce, and failure to impose environmental and chemical injury prevention policies, know as precautionary principles.

If one lone shoe bomber can change world precautionary standards and invoke severe punishment , think what we can do to industries that harm thousands of children everyday.  Learn more: Join Children's Environmental Protection Alliance http://www.facebook.com/groups/335810466487090/
We are listening:

Read this compelling article.  Then suggest solutions to return public policy loyalty to constituents and to remove special interest funding?

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