Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Toxic leak in South Korea sickens thousands, ruins crops -

Toxic leak in South Korea sickens thousands, ruins crops -
Thousands of people in the area have been affected by the blast at the chemical factory on September 27, which killed 5 people and injured 18 others at the time.

The exact cause of the explosion, which involved 8 tons of hydrofluoric acid, is still being investigated, according to authorities. But the blast spread toxic vapor from the acid -- which is used for tasks like metal cleaning and rust removal -- across the surrounding area. Read more about this story:
  • Can a similar explosion and injuries happen in the U. S.?  Yes.  
  • Do US courts and politicians aid in covering up harmful environmental and chemical exposures and injuries? Yes.  
  • Are Presidential candidates Barack Obama and Mitt Romney exposing need for reporting environmental and chemical exposure and injuries in the U. S., especially involving injuries to children? No. 

Read more about this story:

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