Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Woman Loses Stomach After Drinking Liquid Nitrogen Cocktail | NewsFeed |

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Teen Loses Stomach After Drinking Liquid Nitrogen Cocktail | NewsFeed |

Dry Ice (Liquid Nitrogen) has many uses in medicine and food preparation because of its ability to instantly freeze objects at lower temperatures. 

Dry Ice is also used at Halloween because it gives off a spooky, smoking, appearance.  Would a child consume liquid nitrogen through inhaling or ingestion?  Quite possibly.  A child can also get hurt by touching dry ice.  The EPA and CDC have warned that children can be harmed by chemicals more quickly than adults because their organs are still growing and they consume for air per pound.
Group of children dressed up in Halloween costumes trick or treating
Perhaps the EPA and CDC need to warn the US public about dangers of using dry ice in Halloween decorations and where children can be harmed.
 The UK Food Standards Agency released a statement warning consumers to exercise caution when consuming cocktails made with liquid nitrogen because of the human body’s inability to deal with the chemical’s cold temperature.

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