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Royal Society’s Chief Called to Resign over Fluoridation | Scoop News

Royal Society’s Chief Called to Resign over Fluoridation | Scoop News
“Any scientist with any knowledge of the fluoridation issue would know this. There is a saying: ‘when a scientist abuses his position in society of trust and authority to mislead the public, he does not become a dishonest scientist – he simply ceases to be a scientist. This blind repetition of propaganda shows that Professor Skegg has ceased to be a scientist”, concludes Mr Atkin.  Read more at

Toxic chemicals in water is a world wide problem, often with government overly contracted to corporate and pharmaceutical special interests.

Part of the problem stems from Sovereign Immunity which exempts governing bodies and their agent
s from accountability.

Vaccine manufacturers are covered under laws with exempt them from accountability even though the vaccine may have caused permanent injury, disability and death.

One solution is to remove Sovereign Immunity so that governing bodies and their agents are held accountable to those they harm by irresponsible or corrupted decisions.

Toxic Justice: Toxic chemicals in many couches sold in U.S.: Repo...

Toxic Justice: Toxic chemicals in many couches sold in U.S.: Repo...:
Forty-one percent of the couches contained chlorinated Tris (TDCPP), a cancer-causing flame retardant removed from baby pajamas in the 1970s, and 17 percent contained the worldwide-banned chemical pentaBDE, the Duke University and University of California, Berkeley, researchers said.  Read more:
Children's EPA Director Nancy Swan was asked to participate in a conference on flame retardant and prevalence in US. 
Swan adds,  "The study concluded that higher levels of flame retardant in blood of lower income children was a result of exposure to crumbling and older furniture.  I felt that more factors needed consideration in light of the fact that flame retardant can rub off older furniture much like soil retardants.  I asked the study group if they had also queried about other source of polyurethane treated with flame retardant. They had not. 

The study concluded that exposure to flame retardant in older furniture was responsible for higher levels of this chemical and did not include the fact that property owners, day cares, and school have insulated roofs and walls with cheap spray on foam and foam sheets. This insulation requires retreatment of flame retardant containing highly toxic toluene diisocyanate, xylene and other deadly cancer causing chemicals. The flame retardant must be applied every few years or the building becomes highly flammable. 

 I have received hundreds of reports of sickness after flame retardant was sprayed onto day cares, homes, and school during occupancy.

Protecting Children From Toxicants

Protecting Children From Toxicants 
During brain development, which begins in the fetus and continues into adolescence, a precisely timed sequence of cell division, migration, differentiation, myelination, synapse formation, programmed cell death, and synapse pruning unfolds. Disruption or alteration of this process by chemical exposure or other environmental factors can lead to various outcomes (developmental delays, learning disabilities, attention deficits, etc.), depending on when in development the exposure takes place and its duration (Koger, Schettler, & Weiss, 2005). Read More at
In advance of Hurricane Sandy, tens of thousands of parents thought of their child's physical safety.  No one was warned by FEMA nor any government agency that a greater threat to child safety would come from exposure to contaminated flood waters, soil, air, and debris.  Injury to First Responders, disaster and clean up workers will tell of the permanent damage to their adult bodies.  No one will research the damage disaster area contamination has on a child's body.  No one will require that hazardous chemical companies protect the community from contamination in the event of a disaster.  No one will warn parents that children should not be in potential or actual disaster areas, nor will any government agency warn parents to remove children from disaster area due to increased risk and vulnerability.

During Hurricane Katrina some of the most toxic, deadly, and known cancer-causing substances and environmental substances contaminated the Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama coastline and inland areas,  These contaminates included asbestos, dioxin (from the Dow Chemical plant), banned pesticides from home garages and warehouses, industrial toxic waste and products, isocyanate, toluene, and benzyl, mold spores that were inhaled by children, petrol products, pesticides, fertilizers, and many more.  

President Barack Obama stood on the Gulf of Mexico beach and demonstrated that his lack of concern for child safety by issuing a "safe for families" advisory in the wake of the BP disaster.  The sand Obama stood on had been imported, while the rest of the beaches should contamination.  Obama let his family swim in protected bay waters, while proclaiming that the beaches and waters of the Gulf of Mexico were "safe."  Obama did not tell that he was neglected adult safety data, that children were much more vulnerable to hazards chemicals than adults, or that there were no safety standards for children to back up his claim that beaches and water were safe for families.  Obama's only concern was to improve the Gulf Coast economy, to stimulate tourism, at any cost, even the coast to children's health.  But Obama knew, what most do not, that the health effects, including cancer would take decades to present as damage and by then, no one could prove him wrong. 

Increased off label antipsychotic drug use found among children

Non FDA approved increased off label antipsychotic drug use found among children
ScienceDaily (Sep. 10, 2012) — A national study conducted by researchers at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) shows increased use of powerful antipsychotic drugs to treat publicly insured children over the last decade. The study, published September 10 in the journal Health Services Research, found a 62 percent increase in the number of Medicaid-enrolled children ages 3 to 18 taking antipsychotics, reaching a total of 354,000 children by 2007.  Read more:
Affordable Health Care will operate like much like Medicare approved insurance, which lack sufficient and timely oversight and enforcement by Medicare.  Approved insurance companies, like Humana, are allowed to
  • commit fraud, 
  • change contracted services, 
  • threaten users, and 
  • drop insured at anytime, 
despite the fact that insurance users cannot change insurance companies during the contract period.

Without oversight by HHS, United States children are at risk from FDA non approved off-label (generic, substitutes) made by HHS approved insurers.  Save a child's life by sharing this important notice.

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Wishing for a PVC-free Disney – Center for Health, Environment & Justice

Wishing for a PVC-free Disney – Center for Health, Environment & Justice
Disney Princess and Spider Man lunchboxes were chock full of these harmful chemicals, at levels so high they would be banned if they were toys.  For instance, a Disney Princess Lunchbox (pictured to the right) contained an estimated 29,800 ppm of DEHP. If this product were a children’s toy, this would be over 29 times the limit set by the federal ban!  29 times!

Read more:
Please share this and join with CHEJ to protect children.  The life and health you save may be your child's or a love one.  

vinyl – Center for Health, Environment & Justice

When our children are sent off to day care – are they breathing in toxic phthalates?

vinyl – Center for Health, Environment & Justice
When considering day care, more than a few related topics could come to mind: children, toys, play, and a safe environment are probably some to just name a few. However, although children at day care may be under the supervision of responsible adults and having a great time with their playmates, they may be at risk for a danger most parents would have no idea about — toxic chemicals in the day care environment. A new study  . . . Read more:
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