Saturday, January 18, 2014

How To Survive A Life Changing Crisis To Strengthen Yourself, Your Relationships, Your Business And Your Organization

Nancy Swan
How to survive a life-changing crisis and strengthen yourself, your relationship with others, and your business and organization. Listen on your computer or phone to ADVOCACY HEALS U, a 50-minute show now playing on

Nancy Swan, Director of Children's Environmental Protection Alliance Children's EPA will talk about Toxic Justice, the true story of her toxic injury and battle for justice, and the 8 Basics Of Advocacy. 

Nancy Swan, Author, Toxic Justice: The True Story of a Teacher's Chemical Injury & Battle for Justice. In 1985, Nancy Swan was critically injured after 3 days of exposure to toxic chemicals from a spray-on foam roofing system (still in use today!) applied during the school day. 1,000+ people (many of them children) were injured. Nancy's injuries incl. lung and brain damage. Her life changed forever. 

To listen to interview with Nancy Swan, click play on "1-21-14 Toxic Justice" episode:

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