Sunday, December 16, 2012

The seduction of gold in Pascua-Lama

The seduction of gold in Pascua-Lama:
. . . critics, local and in the faraway capitals of Buenos Aires and Santiago, fear the project - located in virgin territory amid glaciers that feed several rivers below - could also wreak long-term environmental havoc if chemicals make their way into the river systems or the glaciers are damaged.

According to Barrick, the mine will use up to 38 tonnes of explosives a day to blast mountaintops into rocks, then up to 27 tonnes of cyanide and 33 million litres of water per day to extract the gold.
The children will be harmed or die at much lower levels that that considered "safe."  What is being done to protect pregnant women and other vulnerable populations.  Our global history is rife with abandonment of responsibility to the people whenever greed or economic gain is at hand.  How can a company promise schools and medical care to the people of this land when they are gutting the health of its children? 

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