Saturday, September 29, 2012

eBay Guides - Tibetan Silver - A Buyer s Advisory

eBay Guides - Tibetan Silver - A Buyer s Advisory

If you use Ebay to buy jewelry for yourself, a gift, or may be worn by a child or teen under 18, please read the entire advisory by clicking on the above link.  Highlights from this article are quoted below.

Metallurgical testing of twelve items offered for sale on EBay as Tibetan Silver indicates that these articles frequently contain no silver whatsoever. In addition, test results from the initial tests in 2007 found that high levels of lead and other dangerous metals such as arsenic can be present.

. . . adults exposed to lead can suffer increased blood pressure, fertility problems, nerve disorders, muscle and joint pain, irritability, and memory loss. Children are even more susceptible to the effects of lead exposure and even very low levels of exposure can result in learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder and behavioral problems, stunted growth, hearing impairment and kidney damage. Higher levels of exposure can cause permanent mental trauma, a vegetative or comatose state and even death. Children under the age of six are particularly vulnerable to the harmful effects of lead because their brains and central nervous system are still being formed. A recent tragedy in Minnesota highlights this point.

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